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Country harvest is a leading online grocery store supplies a fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the online store that makes the grocery shopping really easy and convenient for you.

They get the fruits and vegetables on daily basis from the markets. And that means one don’t be getting the stored and stale vegetables. And everyone knows the health benefits of consuming fresh vegetables. For the customer convenience they are offering special Veg box cheam. These veg boxes are available in various sizes to suit the individual needs of specific customers like veb box medium and veg box Sutton large.

The medium veg box contains Cyprus potatoes, Mids, Carrot, Onion, Cauliflower, Sweet potato, Celeriac, Butternut Squash, Parsnip, Red cabbage and the large veg box  Sutton contains Washed red potatoes, Scrapers, Carrot, Onion, Cauliflower, Brocolli, Leeks, Sweet potato, Sugar Snaps, Green beans, Parsnip, Spring Greens. The cost for these veg boxes is 13.95 GBP and 16.95 GBP Respectively.

Similarly one can also shop for a variety of fruits and that also the fresh ones form this online grocery store. Fruits are also available in fruit boxes featuring the fruit box Carshalton and fruit box Deluxe. The regular fruit box contains Apples, Pears ,Navel oranges, Seedless Grapes, Banana and costs around 9.95 GBP and the deluxe fruit box contains Apples, English Pears, Banana, Seedless Grapes, Clementines, Plums, Mango, pineapple and it costs about 14.95 GBP.

And they can make the deliveries on the same day so that you receive only the freshest fruits and vegetables and relish the taste and health with it. Besides that one can also order salad from their online store.

So if you are looking for fruits or vegetables or salad you can simply order it with country harvest online. For buying fruits and vegetables you can simply log on to: